Matthew Crawley Teases ‘Thrills and Chills’ On ‘Downton Abbey’

As we Americans emotionally prepare ourselves for the next installment of the second season of PBS’ answer to “Gossip Girl,” “Downton Abbey” (airing Sunday), MTV News figured out the best way to get some awesome scoop-age was to get on the telephone with one of our favorite residents of Downton, Matthew Crawley (played by the incredibly awesome Dan Stevens).

(For those wondering why Matthew—well because we just KNOW the Dowager Countess is scared of telephones and any possible vapors they may let off.)

“There’s a couple of thrills and chills still with the war. I don’t think it’s giving too much away to say he gets injured … there’s a lot of heartbreak still to come,” Dan shared, much to our dismay. “He’s definitely not at his lowest point yet and towards the end of the season, I think what will be your episode three and the first part of episode four, is pretty dark, dark place for him. Your episode three, get the box of tissues ready. It’s a pretty tough going.”


As the season progresses, many of us who are on Team Let’s Get Matthew and Mary Back Together (who haven’t let the Internet spoil the show for us), are hoping that they do, well, get together. “Well you’d be surprised; there are a lot of people who don’t think that Matthew and Mary should be together. People fall into two camps, but I think there’s definitely still a spark there. It was a pretty intense first encounter between them that the candle blew out in quite a dramatic fashion at the end of the first season,” he said. “And everybody has been through those relationships that even though they end there’s something you can’t quite put away.

“And the problem with Matthew and Mary is that he has to go on living in quite close proximity to her because he’s inextricably bound to this place now and he has to make it work,” he added. “[His fiancé] Lavinia represents the life he would love to go back to and all those values.”

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