Nick Jonas Talks Gay Marriage, Stage Nudity


As Nick Jonas prepares for his debut in “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying,” he’s opening up to The Advocate about his history on Broadway, as well as his future on The Great White Way.

When asked if he’d ever consider going au natural on stage, like his “How To Succeed” predecessor, Daniel Radcliffe, he didn’t completely rule it out. “I love theater and I understand the difference between acting and who you are as a person. I don’t know that it’s something I would’ve done in the end, but I definitely would’ve considered it,” he said laughing. “You have to be open to everything.”

Nick does seem pretty open to a lot of stuff. He says that growing up in Broadway shows has always meant that he’s comfortable around gay people. While he clarifies that none of the JoBros are gay, he adds that they totally love their gay fans. “It was definitely cool when we realized that, because the more you can grow your audience, the more people you can impact. They’ve been incredible over the years,” he said. “My brothers and I totally look forward to meeting them, because they really respond to our style, and it’s cool to see how our influence has impacted what they’re wearing. They also give really good gifts at our meet-and-greets — hats, scarves, and other things. They always have good taste.”

The 19-year-old goes on to talk in-depth about his views on gay relationships, noting that when it comes to gay marriage, “My thoughts on gay marriage are that everyone has the right to love and be loved, and that’s the position I take.”

What do you think of what Nick has to say?

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