Weekly Twama Roundup: Katy Sets The Record Straight, A Child Is Born And Biebs Hits The Studio

With millions of inane tweets being pumped out every day, it can be hard to keep track of actual celebrity gossip, feuds and random observations that make Twitter so much fun. So we’re rounding up the week in Twitter drama – or Twama for those of you not yet sick of cutesy word combos!

By Kara Klenk

Katy Perry Tells Everyone To Step Off

Katy Perry's divorce drama intensified when her parents began speaking to the media and as usually Katy used Twitter as a way to silence the rumors.

Seriously, Mama and Papa Perry need to lock it up and drop out of Michael Lohan’s School for Parenting.

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Blue Ivy Carter Is Born, Conspiracy Theorists Salivate

All of the Illuminati conspiracy theories on the Internet are pretty laughable, but they jumped to another level at the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s bundle of joy, Blue Ivy Carter. Her name was immediately dissected, diagrammed and made into an acronym for Born Living Under Evil and Illumnati’s Very Youngest. Blerg. Pretty sure even the name Suzie Jane could be somehow transformed into a devilish anagram. And Twitter was buzzing with the (ridiculous!) rumor that Blue Ivy backwards mean’s "Lucifer’s daughter" in Latin to the point that Eulb Yvi was trending. A semester of high school Latin, or a quick Google search, could have quickly put that to bed but alas, the conspiracy theories rolled onward.

Another rumor was that she was named after her parents desire that she attend Columbia University in New York City, who’s color is blue and is an Ivy League school. But does anyone really think that is necessary to get little Blue into Columbia’s class of 2034? Not when her college essay is about beating Kanye West at Scrabble or spelunking with Oprah one summer in Brazil!

Justin Bieber Won’t Stop Believin’

Justin Bieber has his Beliebers worked into a frenzy this week tweeting updates from the studio where he is working on his new album, Believe. He just announced that Black Eyed Peas rapper will.i.am will collaborate on a track, which is sure to be bumping at ever Bar Mitzvah in town by this time next year.