'Jersey Shore' Remix: Pauly D Burnt His 'Whole Face Off'

In last week's premiere, the cast of "Jersey Shore" returned to Seaside Heights after their season four excursion to Florence, Italy, and got right back to it, fist-pumping the night away and GTL-ing all day long. But last night's second episode was a tumultuous one – Vinny left the house because "he had to go home to recharge," which was particularly hard on his best bro, Pauly D.

So what's a happy-go-lucky guido like Pauly D to do when the going gets tough? Turn to comforting things, of course, and for Pauly D that means the tanning bed. But there was one big problem and it's one those of us with fairer skin than the "Shore" crew can relate to – a little too much sun (or bulb) exposure can leave you feeling pretty raw!

"I got no tan in Italy so I got a little excited," Pauly said of his return to Jersey. "I went tanning in Jersey, went tanning, went tanning, went tanning, went tanning. I burnt my whole face off."

Pauly's pain was our gain and it translated into one of our favorite moments from last night's show.

This is definitely a "Pauly D problem" and we've remixed it for you below. Enjoy!

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