Possible Tweets From Michelle Obama's New Twitter Account

By Uptin Saiidi

Michelle Obama might be turning 48 next week, but her Twitter presence is brand new. The First Lady joined Twitter today, and now that she'll be tweeting we thought it'd be fun to predict some hypothetical tweets we could possibly look forward to.

Before you get too excited though, you should know the account was launched by President Obama’s campaign for re-election, so many of the tweets won’t even be from her. You'll know when she tweets herself because they'll be signed with the letters “MO.”

It’s a bit disappointing that we won't get more of a personal account since Twitter cuts out the middle man, but who knows, maybe she’ll get into it soon. Remember when it was revealed she takes secret trips to Target or that she's not a fan of her daughters watching reality television ... there's no telling what could be a tweet.

Read on to see a few we thought up and add your own in the comments below!

>>> Just walked through the cereal aisle at @Target, I think one of the cashiers is on to me. #RunButYouCantHide

>>> Just caught Sasha and Malia watching the Kardashians again #SMH

>>> Joe took Air Force Two and now I can’t get to NYC for the day #Wah #FirstLadyProblems

>>> Ugh, Oprah wants to interview me again? Really?

>>> Why is @TheShakeShack so good….whhyyyyy #EverythingInModeration

>>> Bo will not stop barking tonight…come on, we have secret service.

>>> So hard to find parking for everyone in my motorcade at @Target - #FirstWorldPains #FirstLadyProblems

>>> Lunch with @BarackObama. Call the cell.

>>> If Sasha asks me what's for dinner one more time...

>>> @Beyonce @S_C_ congrats to you both! Love the name!

>>> Retweet this is you’re watching my husband give the State of the Union right now!

Add your own hypothetical tweets in the comments below!