Downton Abbey: A Playlist From Mary To Matthew

Last night, season two of PBS’ zeitgeisty, soapy, addictive “Downton Abbey” premiered and we had to tune in to see what kind of dramz would go down now that WWI has broken out. And while we adore that there’s so much love on the show, we wish there was more love between Lady Mary and Downton Abbey heir Matthew Crawley. Without giving away too much about last night’s premiere, it seems that, for now, Mary and Matthew won’t get together for a while.

So, while Matthew goes off to war and Lady Mary’s left behind to hope that things can work out, we imagined a modern playlist for her to listen to while she pines away for good ol’ Matty (played by last week’s Hump Day Hottie Dan Stevens). And, yes, there’s LOTS of Brandy on there. Deal. With. It. (Ed note: We were careful to make sure these songs were released in the same century that “Abbey” takes place in: the 20th century. Also, deal with that.)

Brandy, “Sittin’ Up In My Room”

Mary, much like Brandy on this song, is stuck alone in her room to think of only Matthew. Forget any other suitors who might want to marry her, she only wants Matthew. And, can you blame her?

Britney Spears, “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

Matthew literally drives Mary absolutely crazy. In the best way possible. You can cut their sexual tension with a knife. Or, at least have your servant do it for you.


Brandy and Monica, “The Boy Is Mine”

As season two kicks off, there’s another woman in Matthew’s life (his maybe future wifey, Lavinia) that Mary is contending with. Doesn’t she get that he belongs to Mary?

Janet Jackson, “If”

Presented without comment.

Mariah Carey, “Dreamlover”

Let’s say these two finally do get together, he really would be her dreamlover. Why? Well, she would get to keep her inheritance and get to stay at Downton. Also, he’s totally dreamy and she loves him.