Twama Roundup: Nick Cannon's Hospitalization, Kanye's DONDA And Britney's Bling

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By Kara Klenk

With millions of inane tweets being pumped out every day, it can be hard to keep track of actual celebrity gossip, feuds and random observations that make Twitter so much fun. So we’re rounding up the week in Twitter drama – or Twama for those of you not yet sick of cutesy word combos!

Nick Cannon Hospitalized

Nick Cannon’s wife Mariah Carey took to Twitter to announce his hospitalization due to kidney failure. "Please pray for Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure. #mybraveman," Carey tweeted. The mother of “Dem Babies” also surprisingly included a photo of herself curled up with Cannon in his hospital bed (above). This was shocking only because Mariah is infrequently photographed sans perfect hair and makeup, but I guess when your man is sick vanity takes a back seat. Wonder how psyched Nick was to have his picture taken during mild kidney failure and tweeted to millions? Stay tuned to Mariah’s account for updates on Nick’s prognosis.

Read on for Kanye's missive and Britney's bling!

Kanye West’s Twitter-festo

Kanye West’s Twitter account burst back to life this week after a winter’s slumber. The rapper went on a late night Twitter spree this week outlining his future plans, which include working on the "Jetsons" movie, redesigning the MTV Video Music Awards, starting a summer school and much more. The least of which is an all encompassing creative company (that sounds eerily similar to the failed Entertainment 720 venture from NBC’s "Parks and Recreation") that will finally bring nutritionists, car designers, app guys, and tons of other people together to make dreams come true. He also mentions living undercover in Rome working for FENDI, his frustration with illogical awards shows and urged “scientists and top world designers” who can “directly affect governments” to email him at It’s a lot to digest but we’re pretty glad Kanye’s back shaking up the Twitterdome like old times.

Britney Spears Tweets Her Bling

Britney Spears is still glowing from her engagement and wants all her fans to know it. She tweeted a pic of herself flashing her ring finger bling with the message "I can't stop looking at it!!"!/britneyspears/status/154763908622729216 We appreciate her enthusiasm, but Brit Brit can we get a close up? We can barely see the rock here and we know it’s sizeable. Regardless, the princess of pop is looking happy, healthy and rocking a fierce blowout, which is always nice to see.

[caption id="attachment_55930" align="alignnone" width="575" caption="Britney Spears, Twitter"]<i>Britney Spears, Twitter</i>[/caption]