Man Stabbed For Not Knowing Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Married


By Zachary Swickey

We often read crazy stories in the news that seem too wildly outrageous to be true, but when there’s a police report to back-up the insanity it’s hard to argue. Case in point: Ronald Deaver, a 31-year-old man who shanked a dude for not knowing the marital status of Jay-Z and Beyonce. (Now, that s**t cray!).

Fox News reports that one hour before we rung in 2012, Deaver allegedly stabbed a 48-year-old man outside his apartment in Parma, Ohio, and has been charged with felonious assault for the incident. Det. Marty Compton says the fight began “because the victim did not know that singer Beyonce’s husband is rapper Jay-Z.” The officer says authorities were called following the stabbing and the victim was rushed to a local hospital before being transferred to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he is currently in good condition.

Police tracked Deaver to his apartment, however, he was nowhere to be found when they arrived and a woman at the residence said he was no longer living there. Police caught up with the culprit a short time later and the woman was arrested for obstructing justice (filling in the blanks – she was likely hiding him).

Me gasping at my roommate’s lack of knowledge of Katy Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand seems pretty insignificant at this point.

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