Adele Spotted Kissing New Beau And Future Song Inspiration In Florida

By Zachary Swickey

Adele had a stellar year in 2011. Despite persistent voval chord problems that required surgery, she still managed to have the best selling album of the year with 21, which has moved more units than any release since Usher’s 2004 effort Confessions. So it’s pretty safe to say most of us are familiar with the heartache Adele channels on the album, which makes us happy to hear that she’s supposedly got a new beau to start the New Year with.

According to reports from The Sun (along with photographic evidence), Adele was seen kissing on her new boyfriend Simon Konecki while they were enjoying themselves at Florida’s Everglades National Park – indulging in an airboat ride together through some marshes, while both donning aviator shades. She may have gotten better about choosing a gentleman too, because Konecki sounds like a pretty stand-up guy – he’s the head of Drop4Drop, an English charity that is devoted to solving the world’s current water crisis. Perhaps his good karma will keep any songs from being written about him if things don’t work out.

Not that Adele was particularly harsh about her ex who is the main lyrical inspiration behind 21. The album progressively showcases all sides of the emotional rollercoaster that everyone goes on when ending a relationship. For example, album-opener (and smash hit) “Rolling in the Deep” is basically Adele’s big “f*** you” to her former lover, who reportedly called her weak and told her life without him would be boring for her (we’re sure it’s pretty easy for her to laugh that comment off at this point).

Midway through the album, that anger transforms into heartbreak and reflection on the somber track “Don’t You Remember,” which anyone would be hard-pressed to not emotionally connect with as she sings, “Don’t you remember / the reason you loved me before?” The album then comes full circle on the closing track “Someone Like You” when Adele wishes her ex the best with his new life, including a marriage and child, but requests that he never forget her.

The emotional intensity and honesty is part of what makes 21 so great, which will make it all the more interesting if Adele has to start writing happy songs when she doesn’t have a devastating relationship to write about.