What Was The Biggest Red Carpet Moment of 2011? (Poll)


For our favorite celebrities, the red carpet is the place to make a big statement. From outrageous fashion to borderline crazy antics, it all happens on the way into an event.

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But who really brought their A-game to the carpet in 2011? Well, Lady Gaga for one. People will be talking for years to come about her arrival at this year’s Grammy Awards. No, she didn’t have on another meat dress. She arrived in an egg, silly! It had something to do with being in gestational creative state or something. Some thought it was pretty awesome, others considered it just plain weird. Love it or hate it, if you were watching, you won’t soon forget it!

Also causing a stir at the Grammy was our girl Snooki, who co-hosted MTV’s coverage with Sway Calloway. But the real buzz came from MTV’s own red carpets. At the Movie Awards, “Twilight” starlet Nikki Reed announced her engagement to “American Idol” finalist Paul McDonald (the pair wed in October). And at the VMAs, Justin Bieber introduced us to his snake, Johnson. His pet snake, a baby boa constrictor, just to be clear.

Then there was Beyonce. Oh, Queen Bey! Without warning the R&B superstar, who was one of MTV News' Top Newsmakers of 2011, showed up on the VMA red carpet in a striking orange Lanvin dress, and though she didn’t talk to the press, she caressed her belly in a way that pretty much said it all!

Which red carpet moment was tops in 2011? Let us know by voting in our poll after the jump!