Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Rob Dyrdek's Risky Chevy Sonic Kick-Flip Stunt (Video)

This past weekend, MTV daredevil/owner of a fantasy factory/Internet video aficionado Rob Dyrdek suited up for a one-of-a-kind car stunt outside Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

The idea: Rob would drive a Chevy Sonic up a special ramp designed to simulate a kick-flip, the way he might kick-flip a skateboard. But there's a big difference between trying an intense trick on a skateboard and strapping yourself into a moving vehicle and flipping the crap out of it.


A stunt team took months to perfect the trick, which is set to be featured on the next season premiere of "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory." And even still, the morning of the event, they had yet to land the jump smoothly. Rob's team destroyed several Chevy Sonics during test runs. Wheels broke off, oil spilled all over the track. There was some talk about delaying the event by a day due to increased winds, which might affect his ability to complete the stunt. It's no wonder Dyrdek looked like he was going to puke as he got into the car!

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