Avril Lavigne Wants To Work With New People

Lauren Kearney

Avril Lavigne was up to some big things in 2011. Her new album Goodbye Lullaby was released in March and her new single, “Wish You Were Here,” is already a fan fave. But that doesn’t mean Avril is ready to sit back and relax. She is already planning for her next album, and she’s ready to bring something new into the equation.

“In my new record coming up, I think I want to start off by working with people I’ve never worked with before because that’s hard to do,” she told MTV News. “When you don’t know someone you have to go in and you write together and you’re recording, you never know, you have to vibe together.”
The Runners were her first lucky choice and she says it’s been working out pretty well!

“We had a lot of fun together, so that’s going good so far,” she said. Watch:


She also has an idea about what she wants the vibe of the album to be. “I’m trying to go for both sides. I love to rock out. I love to be crazy and have fun and have a more rock and roll aggressive side to me. But I also have a softer side and I wanted it also to be about my vocals,” she explained.

For Avril, it is important to make sure you are having a good time while making an album. And according to her, you’ll be able to tell that in her music.

“When you are having a good time making a record that always comes across in music,” she said. “The energy’s good so things flow better and that’s what I’m excited about.”

We’re excited too, Avril!

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