Jon Bon Jovi Joins Kanye And Britney As The Latest Star To Receive The Death Hoax Treatment

By Zachary Swickey

New Jersey’s hottest rock export Jon Bon Jovi is the latest star to get the death hoax treatment, as false reports of his demise ran rampant late yesterday on the Internet. A rep for the singer quickly quashed the rumors, saying JBJ was alive and even performing at a charity even that night.

The rumors gained steam as a trending topic yesterday on Twitter when accompanied with a fake press release that was frequently being retweeted. Noisecreep points out that the false report appears to have been copied from an LA Times story on the death announcement of Michael Jackson.

A photog friend of Jovi’s snapped a fun pic of the star holding a sign that reads “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey! Dec. 19th 2011, 6:00” to post on Twitter ending the hoax. So at least he was a good sport about the whole silly ordeal.

Unfortunately, death hoaxes have become something of a trend. Several notable stars, from Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel) to living legend Paul McCartney, have had to publicly deny their own death. Here are some of the craziest death rumors about our favorite stars that we’ve heard about.

Taylor Lautner

Perhaps a disgruntled Team Edward fan went a little too far when it was being falsely reported that Taylor Lautner had died of a cocaine overdose. Thankfully, the Golden Globes cooled our concerns as they announced him as a presenter less than 24 hours later.

Kanye West

Back in October 2009, it was being widely reported that ‘Ye had died in a LA car crash. While most news sources didn’t cover the false report, the rumors ran rampant on Facebook and Twitter, where “RIP Kanye West” became a trending topic. His boo at the time, Amber Rose, took to Twitter to deny the claims.

Britney Spears

Over two years ago, Brit Brit’s TwitPic account was hacked and a fake message was posted saying Britney had “passed.” Her PR crew quickly went to work and simply tweeted that the star’s account was hacked, ending the rumor as soon as it began.

Britney Spears (Justin Timberlake edition)

Brit’s death was once also falsely reported along with Justin Timberlake, who were pop-star-sweethearts at the time. A pair of Texas DJs caused a nationwide stir when they incorrectly reported that the couple had been in a serious car accident that lest JT in a coma and Britney gone for good. Lies, lies, lies!

Tom Cruise

"Mission Impossible: ghost Protocol" star Tom Cruise faced his supposed death while shooting a movie in New Zealand and falling down the Kauri Cliffs back in 2008. His publicist quickly refuted the news, saying the report was “Internet garbage” and that Tom wasn’t even in the country at that time.

Miley Cyrus

A few years ago, teen sensation Miley Cyrus had to repeatedly deny rumors of her death. First it was a truck that ran through a stop sign and straight into her. Then a few months later, the revamped rumors suggested she had passed after being hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully, the stories were all bull and we still have Cyrus around.


Eminem faced death rumors when it was falsely reported that he had died in a car crash after losing control of his vehicle while driving to a late-night party. Em wrote an angry post on his website lambasting the “sick-minded” person who started the rumor.

Paul McCartney

The supposed death of Mr. McCartney is about as famous as they come. The singer had supposedly died in 1969 and rumors suggested that he was replaced with a look-a-like. We’ve all heard the rumor that you’ll hear the message “Paul is dead” when playing one of their records backwards. Of course, there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to the rumor and the various conspiracy theories surrounding it.