Justin Bieber's Batmobile Gets Pulled Over

Holy traffic violations, Batman! TMZ reports that Justin Bieber got pulled over in L.A. on Wednesday. What terrible offense did the 17-year-old get in trouble for? Was he speeding? Running away from the scene of a crime? Doing wheelies in the parking lot at the Beverly Center?

Nope! It turns out that the teen star was stopped by police for making "an unsafe left turn" at an intersection in the City of Angels. Yep, that’s it everyone. He turned too fast. He was pulled over for that. And, the offense was so minor that the LAPD officer only gave the pop star a warning. But, in case you think Bieber isn’t all that baaaaad, think again. This marks the second time the teen has been pulled over in his pimped out ride. He previously cut an officer off back in October. At the time, he also only got a slap on the wrist.

We don’t know what Bieber could have been in a rush to get too (although he has been tweeting about school and recording sessions), but we’re sure whatever it was Bieber should have been following the rules of the road. Next time, he may not get away with just a warning.

Should Biebs have gotten a ticket for his unsafe driving? Let us know in the comments.