Would You Hit the High Seas For A Caribbean Cruise With R. Kelly? (Poll)

By Andrea Duncan-Mao

Just in case you’re thinking about your 2012 vacation plans, Carnival’s Concert Cruise Line has announced a new one-off voyage. You can cruise the Caribbean in luxury, stopping in various island locales and hanging out with, uh … R. Kelly.

That’s right! The Pied Piper of R&B is the star of the new "Love Letter Cruise," which sails next October. If you book by Dec. 17, you can lock up a two-person cabin on Kelly's love boat for a cool $500 deposit, securing you a spot on the five-day trip with the controversial crooner, who is slated to perform a "romantic" set. If that’s not incentive enough, you can also sign up for step classes or a "12 Play" basketball game to sweat out the calories from all those all-you-can-eat buffets.

Mister Kelly has never taken a traditional approach to his career, and in recent months, he’s continued with his typically eccentric behavior. After a quiet spell, he emerged with "Shut Up," an opus about folks hating on him for having throat surgery. (If you find that odd, remember this is the man who penned songs like "You Remind Me of My Jeep" and "Sex in the Kitchen.") He also announced he is writing an autobiography called "Soulacoaster," which would also address the throat surgery because, you know, everyone wants to read about throat surgery.

Most recently, it was reported that his infamous Chicago mansion – where his alleged infamous, um, activities took place – was in foreclosure.

And now, he’ll take his show on the high seas. Trapped on a boat with the Kells? Better than being trapped in the closet, for sure. Sign us up!

Would you hit the high seas for a romantic cruise with R. Kelly? Vote in our poll, after the jump!