Bands We Like: Walk The Moon

By Kara Warner

Not to sound self-aggrandizing here, but one of the things that is so enjoyable about our Bands We Like features is the discovery factor. That feeling that you’ve found something new that hasn’t quite gone mainstream, that is really special and you just know everyone is going to love. Case in point, Walk The Moon, a group of fun-loving, wonderfully entertaining musicians whose tunes will brighten your day and make you want to dance. See: “Anna Sun” “I Can Lift A Car” and “Quesadilla.”

The Cincinnati natives – Nicholas Petricca, lead singer, keyboardist, bangs a drum or two; Kevin Ray, bassist; Eli Maiman, guitar; and Sean Waugaman, drums – got together a couple of years ago and started playing locally in Cincinnati and have been generating crazy buzz after appearing at Coachella, SXSW, CMJ and touring with 2012 favorite Fitz And The Tantrums.

“We started playing in Columbus, then we played in Indianapolis, and we had friends from New York so we went and played in New York,” Petricca told MTV News recently of their relatively rapid upstart. “So over the course of a couple years we developed this relationship with other cities and by the time we got to the beginning of this year, we had started doing longer tours,” he explained. “Around the end of the year the music video and independent album had gotten some buzz on blogs and some independent radio and that’s how all this craziness happened.”

Maiman described their sound as “rock and roll with synthesizers” and that they sound like Talking Heads and The Killers, “with maybe some Fleet Foxes influences in terms of vocals.”

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