Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!

Today, adorable cardigan sweater enthusiast Taylor Swift turns 22! Happy birthday, Taylor. We'd buy you a drink if, you know, you were into that sort of thing.

Here on the MTV Newsroom blog, we're kind of obsessed with Taylor Swift. Not in a weird way or anything! It's more of a "we think it's kind of funny that this extraordinarily successful and talented 22-year-old beauty queen can be counted on to do the sorts of things your 45-year-old aunt Sally does" situation. We've even devoted a semi-recurring feature to it called "This Week In Taylor Swift Being Taylor Swift."

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We're not even being tools about it either! We think it's great that Taylor is so authentically herself in spite of whatever pressure might be coming at her from the music industry, which tries to sex up even the sweetest starlets. Taylor Swift is America's Sweetheart and wears the title proudly and responsibility and that is something to really admire.

And you know she's gotta be one of the coolest cats in the game if she was able to round up the eclectic cast of characters who joined her on stage during her massive, sold-out world tour behind Speak Now, which is the second biggest album of 2011 and was recently nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. Not just anyone can get, ahem, Nicki Minaj, T.I., Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz, Hayley Williams, Hot Chelle Rae, Nelly, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney on stage for a fairly impromptu duet. But Taylor Swift isn't just anybody. Happy birthday, girl!

After the jump, check out T.I. getting real with MTV News about the differences between being backstage at a Taylor Swift concert and a hip-hop show. (Hint: Both are exactly as you'd expect them to be!)



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