Our Suggestions For Your 2011 Holiday Party Playlist


It's that time of year.

Whether you 're the boss of a quiet little company in Omaha, Nebraska, or you're a busy city dweller with a tight urban family and too much work piled up to travel over the river and through the woods, the holidays mean one thing: PARTY! (Actually, they mean a lot of things, like love and family and giving, but just go with it.)

That means it's time to boogie! From an official company affair to just having a bunch of friends over to swill one-too-many bottles of Three Buck Chuck, if you're hosting a shindig, you have to have a playlist that is going to get everybody up and moving.

Here are some required (not recommended, mind you) singles from the year that was that demand to be spinned at your holiday fiesta.

>>>"Till The World Ends," Britney Spears

It's Brit's biggest single in years and it's maybe one of her best. "You want a party song, call a partier," Rolling Stone said in its three-and-a-half star review. "Written by Ke$ha (with Max Martin and Dr. Luke), the second single from Femme Fatale is ginormously pumping uber-Euro uber-disco: sky-sucking synth streaks, a beat that sounds like blimps f**king and a thousand shirtless drunken sailors chanting along on the chorus." In dance music language, that's pretty much the highest possible compliment. Plus, we're about a year out from the Mayan apocalypse, so ... you know ... dance till the world ends, y'all!

>>> "We Found Love," Rihanna

It's been the No. 1 single in the country for the last SIX consecutive weeks (and counting) and pretty much everyone loves it to pieces. If you don't play "We Found Love," your friends or employees will know just how out of step with pop culture you really are.

Read on for more!

>>>"E.T.," Katy Perry

It's not our favorite song from Katy's non-stop hit machine album Teenage Dream but it is the top dance song of the year, according to Billboard.

>>> "Without You," David Guetta featuring Usher

One of the biggest mainstream chart hits ever by a dance artist, "Without You" continues to ride high in the top ten.


>>> "Born This Way," Lady Gaga

Don't forget how inescapable this thing was earlier this year. The biggest single from Gaga's incessantly hyped record, "Born This Way" recalls late-80s Madonna, so the track is sure to please partygoers of any age.

>>> "Party Rock Anthem," LMFAO

The funny guys of LMFAO had a very big hit on their hands with "Party Rock," which topped the Billboard singles charts for six weeks and spent more than 25 weeks in the top ten, making it one of only seven songs ever to do so. Love it or hate it, like "We Found Love," if you don't play it, you'll be giving yourself up as that guy … and no one wants to be that guy.

>>> "On The Floor," Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull

Welcome back, J.Lo! "On The Floor" was her first top ten in nearly eight years and is the most viewed video ever by a female artist on YouTube. Ever! Party like it's 2002!

>>> "Call Your Girlfriend," Robyn

She absolutely killed this track on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Prove to all of your employees that you know more about music than what's on top 40 radio by cranking up this Grammy-nominated dance hit from the Swedish superstar.

>>> "Love On Top," Beyonce

Which Beyonce song to include on this list was a tough decision, but we already have enough bangers (sorry, "Run The World (Girls)" and "Party"). Every party needs a few mid-tempo jams to let the room cool down and "Love" fits the bill. It's also an absolutely jubilant sing-along that is sure to put a smile on the face of every person in the room. And you'll get bonus points with the kids if you point out that this is the song King Bey was singing at the VMAs when she revealed her baby bump for the first time ever!


>>> "All I Want For Christmas Is You," Mariah Carey

We know this is an oldie, but no holiday party is complete without it.