Taylor Swift's Best Video Of 2011 (Poll)


This week in the MTV Newsroom, we're celebrating some of our favorite stars of 2011 by asking you, their loyal fans, which of their videos from the last year is your favorite. Yesterday, we opened things up with Katy Perry and today, in honor of her 22nd birthday, we're taking a look back at Taylor Swift's big year.

We love Taylor Swift in the MTV Newsroom. Sure, we sometimes have a little fun at her expense with our "This Week In Taylor Swift" posts, but it's because she's so dang adorable when she takes to her Twitter to post pictures of her kitten Meredith or homemade Christmas snow globes that there's nothing else to say other than "That's so Taylor!" Her genuine niceness and innate wholesomeness stands in sharp contrast with the behavior of most of her celebrity peers and it's something we're thankful for. There are, after all, only so many Kardashian divorce posts a blogger can write before he loses his mind. So, Taylor, thank you for being so authentically you all the time. You're a breath of fresh air!

The country-pop superstar ruled the charts in 2011. Speak Now, which was actually released in late-October of last year, kept on chugging along on the strength of several hit singles (and videos) and ended 2011 as the second biggest album of the year. Swift released five video off her well-reviewed album, which we think was shafted out of nominations in some of the bigger categories for next year's Grammys, in 2011.

Which one is the fan-favorite? Check them out ("Back to December" is above, the rest are below) and vote in our poll after the jump!



"The Story of Us"


"Sparks Fly"



Taylor Swift - Ours (Music Video) from nhoclink on Vimeo.

Check back tomorrow to vote for Britney Spears' best video of 2011. And be sure to vote for your favorite Katy Perry video here!