Katy Perry's Best Video Of 2011 (Poll)

It's been a big year for Katy Perry. She broke long-held music industry records, scored a bunch of Grammy nominations (and is up for even more in 2012), won a boat load of awards and, very importantly, made some great music videos.

(This weekend, she also hosted "Saturday Night Live" and was pretty damn funny!)

While the video that won her the VMA for Video of the Year, "Firework," was actually released in 2010, she kept the quality level high with the three clips she released in 2011. But which one was her fans' favorite? Check 'em out below and vote in our poll after the jump!



Read on for "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" and "The One That Got Away" and to vote for Katy's best video of 2011.

"Last Friday Night (TGIF)"


"The One That Got Away"


Check back tomorrow to vote for Taylor Swift's best video of 2011.