That Happened This Year? Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Edition

Welcome to “That Happened THIS Year,” MTV News’ look back at the huge entertainment stories that were absolutely everywhere for a hot minute in 2011 but feel like they happened forever ago or faded so quickly from our collective memories that when we were brainstorming the year that was, we literally couldn’t believe they happened this year!

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is so far along in its cycle as a song that it was used in Black Friday commercials this year. The song was so ubiquitous by early summer that when we saw Katy Perry in concert at the Nassau Coliseum, she sang the song a cappella and the entire arena joined in. It’s the sort of attention usually accorded a years-old song that everybody knows and loves. That’s about half right; “Friday” certainly feels years-old and everyone knows it … it’s the loving it part that is kind of divisive.

But so what if everyone knows it because it is, arguably, as Yahoo Music critic Lyndsey Parker noted “the worst song ever”? In fact, the song’s notoriety was driven by the criticism – it had accumulated 167 million views on YouTube before it was pulled in mid-June … and over 3.1 million “dislikes” (87 percent of its total ratings), helping it surpass Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in late-March as the most disliked YouTube video ever.

By year-end, all the hype earned Black a spot on the list of Twitters top trends of the year, but on a more serious note, she was forced to leave school due to harassment from her classmates and is now being home-schooled.

Whether we’ll hear from Rebecca Black in 2012 remains to be seen. To be sure, she certain doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In the aftermath of “Friday,” the 14-year-old has released two songs, “My Moment” and “Person of Interest,” and there seems to be an album in the works. Even though she hit the scene less than a year ago, by the time her album drops, Black will feel like a music industry veteran because, goodness, doesn’t it seem like “Friday” came out in 2009 or something?

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