Mitt Romney Taps Homie Kid Rock For Campaign Anthem


Here’s how this one usually goes:

1) Clueless Republican politician (and they’re almost always Republicans, for some reason) decides to adopt a rousing pop/rock song as their campaign anthem.

2) Singer/band gets wind of said appropriation and demands that politician cease and desist from using the song because a) they don’t agree with that person’s politics, or b) the pol has completely misinterpreted the song and is using it for jingoistic inspiration when the true meaning of the song is the total opposite of what they think. (Call it the “I don’t think that means what you think it means” corollary.)

3) Said politician quietly agrees to stop using the song, or defiantly vows to keep playing it at rallies without the artist’s consent.

Then there’s GOP presidential kind-of frontrunner Mitt Romney, a Detroit native who grew up in southeast Michigan as the son of the state’s former governor, George Romney. According to the Detroit News, Romney has finally picked a campaign theme song: Kid Rock’s amber waves of grain fist-pumping, flag-waving anthem “Born Free.”

I know what you’re thinking here: “oh man, Kid is gonna go all in on that guy for using his music!” Except he’s probably not going to. Unlike Katy Perry, who demanded that momentary GOP frontrunner and gay rights foe Rep. Michele Bachmann cease and desist from using her song “Firework” earlier this year … after Tom Petty sent an actual cease and desist order to get her to stop using “American Girl” at campaign stops. Rock’s probably okay with this one.

The original D-Town American badass has been a proud supporter of the Republican party and former president George W. Bush in the past, in addition to being a huge booster of anything that benefits Detroit and Michigan.

Rock’s spokesperson offered a “no comment” when asked how the “Rock and Roll Jesus” felt about Romney’s move. But considering he posted the Detroit News story on his official website, it seems like he’s not mad at him.