That Happened This Year? Royal Wedding Edition

Welcome to “That Happened THIS Year,” MTV News’ look back at the huge entertainment stories that were absolutely everywhere for a hot minute in 2011 but feel like they happened forever ago or faded so quickly from our collective memories that when we were brainstorming the year that was, we literally couldn’t believe they happened this year!

We remember it like it was yesterday. (Except we don’t. Not at all.) It was a beautiful spring day (according to the Internet) in London. There he was, the future King of England, marrying his beautiful long-time love.

Months and months of non-stop media coverage came to a head on April 29 (right?) when Prince William married Catherine Middleton, who no matter how much the palace tries to sell her as Catherine, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, will always be our girl Waity Katie, sister of sexy frequent-backside-revealer James.

Kate’s gorgeous Sarah Burton dress! Pippa Middleton’s bum! Prince Harry looking like the scoundrel we know (hope?) he is despite being clad in his finest officer’s duds! Swoon! The Royal Wedding had all the makings of a fairytale event for the ages, and it definitely was … probably … over in England where the populace actually cares about Royal matters. Here in America, beyond Kate’s dress and the meme-worthy supporting characters (seriously, call us, James Middleton), the Royal Wedding just wasn’t a particularly memorable event.

As soon as it was over, it was like it happened forever ago. From the pre-manufactured memorabilia to the ongoing headlines speculating about Kate’s weight or the possibility that she’s pregnant, it’s like Kate and Wills have been married for years. But, lo and behold, they are still newlyweds!

While the mainstream media coverage was truly excessive, boring and absolutely exhausting, the Royal Wedding did inspire some bits of Internet genius. As we mentioned above, we were introduced to James Middleton as well as Grace Van Cutsem, the “Frowning Flower Girl,” and Princes Beatrice’s amazing and absurd hat, which was photoshopped into the most amazing pictures. Our favorite thing to come out of the fantasia, however, was a Tumblr called “Kate Middleton for the Win,” which took pictures of the pretty pretty princess and assigned them funny captions like “Why is my champagne hand empty?” and “Don’t worry, Dear…My hair is glorious enough for the both of us.”

Can you believe the Royal Wedding happened THIS year? Sound off in the comments.

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