‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Vs. Kourtney Kardashian Kick Off This Week’s Twitter Feuds

It’s a new week and that means that already there’s some Twitter drama brewing up. It seems that “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham and the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, are getting all up in each other’s business on the social networking site.

It all kicked off shortly after Kourt announced that she’s preggers with her second child with longtime beau Scott Disick. Farrah had this message for the thirtysomething-year-old millionaire: “Im Shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again, Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy like kims wedding SAD… Double standards in this world? Yes & guess what !age and money honestly do not change a persons poor choice . Quit making excuses:)”

To which Kourtney had this to say: “Why would I have anything to do with teen mom? I’m 32 years old! I may look young honey, but don’t get it twisted. :)”

Kourtney hasn’t had much else to say, but the same can’t be said of her boy, Scott, or Farrah herself. Read on to see what they had to say.

Following Kourtney’s tweet, Farrah added, “4 all who misunderstood: regards to kourtney K.~ I hope she takes her relationship w/her boyfriend more serious 4 their children-takecare.” Things went on to get a bit feistier on the part of Farrah and Scott.

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