From Bratz to Lalaloopsy, Nicki Minaj Is A Doll (And Not Just A Barbie)

By Andrea Duncan-Mao

Nicki Minaj has been calling herself the “Harajuku Barbie” for the past year, and now Mattel has gotten the hint and created a one-of-a-kind Nicki Minaj Barbie doll. The doll, which will premiere this month, will be auctioned for charity, with the bidding starting at $1,000. And while we all know the curvy lady rapper has a penchant for pink, skin tight fashions and towering heels – and that she rocks Barbie jewelry and has an ever changing assortment of wigs – but looking at her outlandish style and attitude, we have decided that Roman’s alter ego could also be a number of other dolls.

The long-time line that samples style from everything from Video Vixens, collagen porn stars and I don’t know, uh, Nemo, these bodacious Betties have serious attitude and outrageous get ups. Like Ms. Minaj, they love rainbow hair colors and heels. Edgier than Barbie [and oft-criticized for their hypersexualization], they roll deep. The Bratz crew are like a bachelorette party fist pumping at the club, whereas Barbie and her small circle are more like Carrie and her girls—sipping Cosmos at a roof bar.

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Liv Dolls
Less trampy than Bratz, but more 2011 than Barbie, Liv dolls live for glamour. Nicki would be right at home with these girls as they change their hair color on a regular basis — in fact, it seems to be their main hobby besides shopping. And who doesn’t want to live at the spa?

Our personal favorite, these whimsical dolls remind us of Ms. Minaj because of their multi-hued ’dos, cheerleader skirts and ready-for-primetime names like Dot Starlight, Sahara Mirage and Jewel Sparkles. We can see them easily bopping their bobbleheads to “Super Bass” with their menagerie of pets.

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