Backstreet Boys Cruise: No Sleep Till Miami, Howie D Teases


Anchors away! (No, we’re not talking about that “Sex and The City” episode.) The second-annual Backstreet Boys cruise departs today (!!!) from Miami and we have some inside scoop from the one and only Howie D about what ticketholders should expect and those who aren’t going should be jealous about.

“I’m really excited. This is our second annual cruise that we’re doing,” he told MTV News about the cruise, which sails the friendly seas until December 5 and will even include a big surprise for die-hard fans.

Find out what it is, after the jump!

“We’re going to the Bahamas and we’re going to have a beach party, which Kevin [Richardson] will be there as our special guest,” he added. “It’s just going to be three days of a jam-packed party, fun cruise were gonna do a couple concerts for the boat. We’re gonna do two. We’re gonna do some karaoke. Have some fun costume nights.”

The cruise will not only be a non-stop par-tay where anything can happen, but it’ll give BSB-ers the chance to meet their idols up close and personal, which is kind of the idea. “It’s just a fun, hanging out get a chance for the fans to know us in a different light instead of just always being on stage,” he added. “We’re very interactive; we’re very approachable. There’s not going to be much sleep on the cruise. It’s a party.”