Weekly Twitter Drama Roundup

By Kara Klenk

With millions of inane tweets being pumped out every day, it can be hard to keep track of actual celebrity gossip, feuds and random observations that make Twitter so much fun. So we’re rounding up the week in Twitter drama – or Twama for those of you not yet sick of cutesy word combos!

Nicki Minaj vs. Cher

So here’s what went down: A fan told @Cher that @NickiMinaj dissed her in the song "Did It On 'em" (which came out a full year ago, way to be a topical, pot-stirrer) to which Cher casually replied, "I've seen lots of people come & go! No biggie!" (I mean, to be fair to all involved, she has – she's Cher!) This brought the #Barbz out with pink pitchforks in hand explaining the reference as a metaphor (I still don’t get it). Nicki asked her to "#stopit5" (the number of fingers you see when you tell someone to stop it?) and Cher quickly apologized for jumping to conclusions, but when overzealous fans wouldn’t back off, Cher told them to "Gimme a fkn break! Said I was dumb." Then all parties deleted their tweets. (For what it's worth, whether you can ever truly delete a tweet is debatable.)

Katy Perry Denies All

Many celebs bypass the PR machine and use Twitter to personally address rumors or make statements. Some are better than others (ahem, Ashton), but Katy Perry usually nails it. She took to her Twitter account to shoot down pregnancy and divorce rumors in one clever shot.

More Kardashian Stuff

Just as the #thingslongerthankimsmarriage trend was dying down, the Kardashians catapulted back into the Twittersphere with the announcement of Kourtney’s pregnancy. @KourtneyKardash confirmed the impending arrival of baby number two on Twitter Wednesday (in case people thought she accidentally posed for that "Yes, I’m Pregnant!" cover of US Magazine).


The #hooligans, #katycats, #littlemonsters, #rihannanavy and whatever Bon Iver fans call themselves were tweeting up a storm in the wake of the Grammy nominations. @Ladygaga tweeted she was “humbled + honored to have a Trinity of nominations” while @rihanna said that her album of the year nom is "#MAJAH." Adele’s resting her voice post-surgery (but she doesn’t really tweet anyway) and @kanyewest’s keeping a tight Twit lip as well. Meanwhile @BrunoMars invented new words to convey his excitement.

So that’s all for this week! If you see an interesting feud, trend or hilarious comment, tweet your interesting Twit bits to @mtvnews and we might feature it!