Avril Lavigne Answers Your Twitter Questions!

Avril Lavigne recently stopped by the MTV Newsroom to chat all about what she’s working on these days. She touched on a number of subjects, including working with L.A. Reid again, her new single “Wish You Were Here,” her follow-up to Goodbye Lullaby (which she’s currently hard at work on!) and her decade in the music industry (boy, does time fly).

Since we had her around, we also decided to try and sneak in some questions from her fans on Twitter. Avril happily played along and here are some of the fun tidbits she shared with us courtesy of you guys.


Question #1:
punkylemon @mtvnews #askAvril what are your non music hobbies?

Answer: “My favorite hobbies outside of music. I love to cook, I love to paint and I like sports. I like skateboarding and rollerblading.”

Question #2:
SantigneEV @mtvnews @AvrilLavigne #askAvril Do you have a pet? Dog or cat? ;)

Answer: “I don’t have a pet. I would love to have a dog, a miniature schnauzer one day. But I don’t have enough time to train it and be home with it and take care of it so I have to like… I can’t right now, but if I could I totally would. I’m allergic to cats and dogs so I have would have to have a hypo allergenic, which is a miniature schnauzer, which is the dog we grew up with. That’s the cutest little dog.”

Do Avril’s answers surprise you? Tell us in the comments!

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