Grammy Nominee Katy Perry Denies She’s Getting Divorced, OK, Y’all!?


Remember last week when Katy Perry was rumored to be pregnant and it turns out she was just bloated? Well, this week, it seems, Ms. Perry is getting a divorce from her hubby Russell Brand. (But, she isn’t, obviously.)

Ok, so here’s how it shakes out. According to E! News, the Internet began speculating that the pop star and her funny man were going their separate ways when a report surfaced on TMZ that the twosome were looking to be onesomes in the near future. TMZ leader Harvey Levin denied that a report like that ever existed on his site.

Regardless, it seems that the rumor picked up enough steam for Katy to address it on Twitter. “First I’m pregnant & then I’m divorced. What am I All My Children?! #ericakane #pshhh #ifihadadollarforeverytime …” she tweeted, displaying her signature sense of humor and sass.

If you need further proof that things are just fine between Katy and Russell, TMZ (yes, that same TMZ), reports that last week the pair got some permanent ink in Los Angeles in the company of one another. Katy (fittingly) got a smiling peppermint on her ankle while Russell pledged his allegiance to British soccer team West Ham United by getting their badge on his arm. Also a fitting choice.

Listen, y’all, nothing says true love like getting inked together by a man that goes by the name Bang Bang. Are we right people?

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