GetUp! Action For Australia Campaigner Reveals Details Of Acclaimed ‘It’s Time’ Viral Video

By Damian Vaca

Over the weekend while many Americans enjoyed a tryptophan-induced nap and 5K turkey trots – our friends Down Under released a video that is on its way to getting worldwide attention. Late last week, the Australian non-profit organization Getup! Action for Australia, released the 2-minute video, which some are saying is hands down the greatest video supporting marriage equality that has ever been made. The clip, titled “It’s Time,” has already been viewed over 2.25 million times on YouTube.

Paul Mackay, Marriage Equality Campaigner for GetUp! Action for Australia, tells MTV News, “To say we’re surprised [by the attention this video is getting] is an understatement. When we were working on scripting, we knew the idea was good, and when we finished production we knew the video was good, but you never know how a piece of work will be received.”

“We’re still aiming for a mention from Ellen and Gaga,” he says, “but we’re pretty darn excited with what we’ve had so far.”

“The scripting process started quite simply, by identifying key moments in any relationship: a meeting, a first date, sharing time with friends, moving in, meeting parents, obstacles and hardship and eventually, a proposal,” Mackay says. “We were then able to draw those moments out, and since we were shooting on such a tight schedule and budget, had to make up a lot of it as we went. The end result meant that many of the most powerful reactions and scenes were unplanned, but simply the hard work of our director of photography and leading man identifying casual moments that could be captured as they arose. We ended up shooting the entire thing over a weekend then spending a similar amount of time picking out the best moments. And we couldn’t be more proud of the result.”

Read on for more and watch the video here.

“It’s Time” has been in the works for over a year now and there were many ideas that were passed around. Initially, GetUp pursued a different video featuring twin brothers – one gay, one straight – who both shared their story of being raised together but only one could get married. The video and other campaigns had success but nothing close to what ’It’s Time’ is bringing in. Mackay states, “What has been most surprising has been the overwhelmingly positive international attention we have received for the video. But really, the theme and appeal is universal. The fight for equality is happening all over the world and the story of a young couple growing together is one that most people can connect with. So although the video was designed to appeal to a wide audience, we never thought it would receive the attention it has.”

This Saturday marks a pivotal moment in Australia as The Labor Party (Australia’s federal government) meets to discuss the party policy and changes to the policy platform. Current party policy is that marriage is to remain between a man and a woman and GetUp is hoping that this video brings more attention to marriage equality so that lawmakers can make a policy change for next year.

To get more information, visit GetUp! Action for Australia. For information in the US, visit

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