Video Premiere: ‘Lie To Me’ By Howie D


Howie D wants someone, really anyone, to lie to him in his new video for “Lie To Me.” His latest single off his first-ever solo album, Back to Me, is a sweepingly romantic song about heartbreak and loss.

The video follows Howie as he shoots a music video (how meta!), while also trying to reconnect with the woman he thought he’d spend forever with. The look and vibe of the video sort of reminds us of the classic Backstreet Boys video “Shape of My Heart.”

The song and video was a long time coming for the Backstreet Boy, who recently chatted with MTV News about the album, which dropped earlier this month. “I started working on this record a little over five years ago. … I really felt like I wanted to make sure it was the right record,” he explained. “I didn’t want to rush something out there. I believe that first impression can be the last impression, and the last thing I wanted to do was have people be like, ’Oh, wow, he should be in that box.'”

And if the song and video are vaguely reminiscient of something BSB would have cooked up, well, Howie thinks that’s just fine.

“I think there’s something in that brand that we really have that’s special that people really like. … I love the music that I do with Backstreet Boys,” he told MTV News. “All I did with this record was that take staple sound and push the envelope a little bit. I went a little more on the uptempos, a little more on the dance Euro vibe, but definitely still have the signature sound with me, with my ballads and the kind of sultry sound that people say I have.”

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