Is 'Toxic' Your Favorite Britney Spears Video?

By Christina Garibaldi

We are now in the third round of the competition in our Britney Spears Tournament: 30 Videos for 30 Years! From now until Friday, Dec. 2, 30 of Britney Spears’ hottest, sexiest and most iconic videos are battling it out for the title of the Best Britney Video of All Time. We know that this is not an easy decision to make, which is why we are here to help! We will be taking a look back at several of Ms. Spears’ videos throughout the years to get insight from directors, set visits and Britney herself.

Next up is Britney’s video for “Toxic.” In probably the fiercest match-up of the competition, “Toxic” will try to edge out “I’m a Slave 4 U” for a spot in the final four.

"Toxic" has become one of Britney’s most recognizable videos and had her teaming up, yet again, with "Stronger" and "Womanizer" director Joseph Kahn. "The plot is pretty nonsensical," Joseph told MTV News of "Toxic" in 2009. "It's just fun. [It's like] James Bond flicks and sex."


"Toxic," which was the second single off Britney’s 2003 album In the Zone and scored Spears a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, shows off the singers sexy side as a secret agent in disguise. "It's basically about a girl addicted to a guy," Britney told MTV in 2003. "I really like 'Toxic.' It's an upbeat song. It's really different, that's why I like it so much. This villain girl, she'll do anything to get what she wants. She goes through different obstacles."

Probably the most challenging obstacle of them all was just how Director Joseph Kahn was going to pull off Britney’s biggest request.

"Britney said she wanted to shoot a scene wearing diamonds and nothing else, and I'm like, 'How do I make this work?' "Kahn said. Well, Joseph, I’m sure Britney’s fans would agree, you definitely pulled it off!

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