Miley Cyrus Takes a ‘Liberty Walk’ In Occupy Wall Street Video

As officials crack down on Occupy movements across the country in a move to tear down the impromptu encampments erected in support of the 99 percent, plenty of celebrities have spoken out in support of the cause.

Sure, everyone from Kanye West and Jay-Z to Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon, Lupe Fiasco, Michael Moore and Cornel West have dropped in and chopped it up with the protesting hordes. But only someone as brave as Miley Cyrus has been willing to put her creative reputation on the line and make some fresh art to celebrate the sit-in protests. (Okay, Third Eye Blind did release the rousing “If There Ever Was a Time,” but, you know, it’s Third Eye Blind.)

Cyrus has just released the video for the remix of her 2010 anthem “Liberty Walk,” which is cut to a montage of Occupy footage from across the nation and the globe. The Village Voice wondered if the clip was a Miley production, or maybe just a mash-up made by fans. It does feature the opening caption, “this is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in,” which sounds very 2011 Miley. But unfortunately for Cyrus, it posted right around the time that a flap erupted about her allegedly stony birthday celebration, which kind of made the former Disney queen fit the Fox News take on the alleged do-nothing attitude of the OWS hordes.

Miley, who, happens to be one of the 1 percent, hasn’t officially commented on the video yet, but the Voice said it may actually be a good thing. ” If Miley Cyrus can glom onto the movement’s message so easily, then it’s unlikely to be particularly complex,” the paper reported. “Either way, though, Miley Cyrus making a video in support of Occupy Wall Street seems to be a far more important development than it’s being given credit for. Where the hell do you go from there?”

What do you think of Miley’s Occupy video?

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