Sofi and Skrillex Collab ‘Bring Out The Devil’ Nearly Wiped Out on Locked & Loaded EP

By Nick Philippou

Sofi is climbing the ladder yet again on her new two-part EP Locked & Loaded, which hit the online charts on production pal and mega-producer Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label just a few weeks ago. Part one of the two-installment EP includes “Broken Souvenirs’ and “Joyride” both collaborations with dubstep collective and fellow Mau5trap signee Millions Like Us. But while part one is making the rounds in due fashion, buzz is building around the second installment of Locked & Loaded, “Bring Out the Devil” and a collaboration with Skrillex and Kill the Noise, which almost disappeared from the album entirely.

“The tragic story is that we recorded the track about a year ago and his hard drive was stolen, his computer, everything he had was stolen in Italy. He called up Kill the Noise and was like, ’Hey, can you save the day and reproduce the track?’ And he did,” Sofi told MTV News. “And it was amazing!”


Once the first drafts of “Bring Out the Devil” were lost, Skrillex’s demanding touring schedules and Sofi’s tour dates on Deadmau5’s “Meowington’s Hax” tour prevented the song from being the first release on the album. So the song took on a new life and a new sound, pairing Sofi’s soft voice with Skrillex’s finishing touches with Kill the Noise smashing out a hard track, combining it all into something musically unique.

Originally slated as the debut track on the first installment of the EP, “Bring Out The Devil” will be released instead on part two of Locked & Loaded, available on iTunes and Beatport on December 5.

“It has that rawness to it,” Sofi said. “I feel like it’s such a mash up of things at this point and it’s so hard to pin point just a genre. It’s electronic dubstep. I don’t know where it’s going. For me personally, I’m just having a good time with it. I’m not really stuck on, ‘Oh my gosh is this dubstep?’ I love this kind of music and I enjoy making it right now.”

Since his arrival to Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label, Skrillex has to some extent become the modern face of dubstep and its rapidly growing fan base, which ranges from pre-teens and frat boys to aging rock-nostalgists.

Sofi’s previous smash-hit collaborations with Deadmau5, including “Sofi Needs a Ladder” and “One Trick Pony,” made a pairing with her Mau5trap label-mate not only logical but necessary for EDM fans that have fully embraced Skrillex, who is breaking the popular mold of expectations from an EDM artist, and his rock roots.

“It’s almost like seeing him on the cover of Spin is normal,” she said. “But knowing that he is doing electronic music right now is weird at the same time because Spin is not really that type of magazine.”
After joining Deadmau5 for a record six straight nights at New York City’s famed Roseland Ballroom, Sofi drew parallels between a previous popular music movement and the current swell EDM is experiencing.

“It does feel like it’s almost like the new punk rock in a sense from seeing what’s going on in the crowds when we’re performing too when we’re doing tracks like “One Track Pony” and there’s a mosh-pit going on. It has that raw energy I feel like punk rock might have had in the eighties, when I was in diapers.”