Jennifer Lopez Is Having Trouble Balancing Her Revitalized Career and Her Twins (But We Bet All The Money She’s Earning Helps)

By Zachary Swickey

Jennifer Lopez may be a newly single cougar on the prowl – word on the street is that her new lover is half her age – and the girl can still move as she clearly showed at this weekend’s American Music Awards. However, the sultry singer is learning that parenting alone is a difficult endeavor.

“I get tired sometimes, but to be quite honest, I love what I do,” she said in an interview with E! News. “I have a lot going on with the kids and everything, but you know, anytime I get tired or feel overwhelmed, I go, ‘This is good. I’m alive. It’s okay. I’m lucky.'” It also sounds like the mother of twins can be hard on herself at the end of a long day, saying, “Anytime I get any feeling that feels like ‘this is scary, this is too much,’ I’m like, ‘Don’t be so weak,’” she admits.

We wouldn’t worry about J.Lo too much though, considering the army of nannies she can likely afford. Her stint as a judge on “American Idol” has revitalized the singer’s career in a huge way and provided many new opportunities despite her marital setback. Admittedly, having a cute set of twins doesn’t hurt in the PR department these days either.

Without the “AI” gig, it’s doubtful we’d be seeing Jenny from the Block shaking it on the AMAs, a performance that curiously played out like a live commercial for Fiat as the singer clearly indulged in a little promotion for the car brand. (Also, anyone else notice Lopez donning Brit’s outfit from the “Toxic” video?) She reportedly made around seven figures just for shaking her thing in, on and around the sporty ride as part of her months-long “fully integrated campaign” with the Italian company.

Lopez will return to “American Idol” in January for its eleventh season – the show’s second without new-to-Twitter Simon Cowell.