A Recent History Of Katy Perry’s Pregnancy Denials


We have one thing in common with Katy Perry. That’s a hard statement to make given the fact that she is a chart-topping international pop superstar and we are not. That one thing? Well, we both really like food. Now, this is where we stop having anything in common. You see when Katy packs on a few extra pounds the world assumes she’s pregnant. When we do it, the world (or like 2 people) just assume we’ve gained some weight.

Over the course of the last few months, Perry has been pretty adamant that any bumps anyone is seeing on her have more to do with her diet than her plans to expand her family. Back in October, during a tour stop in London, the singer told the packed room, “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to show up tonight. I’m not rubbing my belly because I’m pregnant, I’m rubbing because I ate beans on toast. You were going to need a crane to lift my arse in here.”

She once again had everyone talking at this weekend’s American Music Awards, where some people thought she looked a little like she was in the family way. However, she once again cleared up that she’s only carrying food in her belly.

“Hell, no!” was her response to Hollyscoop, PEOPLE reports. The site further reports that she added to “The Insider” that “I like In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell and if you want to make that pregnant that’s your problem. I still love drinking alcohol so not yet.”

Still not convinced that she and Russell Brand aren’t expecting? Reportedly at a NYC tour stop last week, she said that her “bloated belly” was a symptom of NYC’s “delicious food.”

Rumors of the status of her uterus have long been speculated upon by gossip mongers. And she’s always tackled them head on using her signature charm and grace. In January 2010, she took to Twitter with this message for those wondering if she was expecting: “ur gonna make me cry, maybe that’s my period tho. THAT’S RIGHT I’M BLEEDING. Face. Better luck next month peepz.”

OK then! It’s kind of hard to fight that sort of, um, reasoning Katy.