Rob Kardashian: The Only Kardashian With A Skill?

Tonight someone will win the mirror ball trophy on “Dancing With The Stars.” Given the fact that the judges are loving Rob Kardashian and he’s in the final three (along with talk show host Ricki Lake and soap actor JR Martinez), the lone brother in the Kardashian Klan could end up winning the whole thing.

At this point, he’s pretty much the most well-liked Kardashian. Kim sort of ruined her good will with the public once she announced her split from Kris Humphries and perhaps the world is just tired of Kourtney and Khloe’s shenanigans. Rob has done what his sisters couldn’t: he’s earning headlines for actually doing something, not someone.

Over the course of the show, Rob has acquired a skill. He can now ballroom dance, making him, quite possibly, the only Kardashian with an actual talent. Since the Kardashians launched themselves as international sensations, the big question has also been: What exactly do they do? Sure they attach themselves to lots of brands, launching themselves as a brand as well, but, well, that really doesn’t mean much. Rob, on the other hand, joined “DWTS” and now he can dance. We mean, he may not do anything with it once the show wraps tonight, but he can. And, well, at least that’s something.

Whether or not you are rooting for Rob, we have to give credit where credit is due. Rob, good for you for actually working hard to do something. Mama Kris, we’re sure, is locking in some endorsement deals for you as we type this.


Are you excited for the “Dancing With The Stars” finale? Let us know in the comments.

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