Steve Aoki Introduces His Brit Rock Band New Ivory

By Akshay Bhansali

Think the bustling energy of The Klaxons, Bloc Party and The Kills – so says electronic DJ producer Steve Aoki when describing the latest addition to his Dim Mak record label family, New Ivory. The band features three gents – Alessandro, Mickey and Andy – all hailing from London, England, and according to Aoki their sound is an explosion of British rock that he’s super-pyched for fans to hear. The band’s first video for “Something You Should Know” is out online, but Steve Aoki wants to know what YOU think of New Ivory!

Check out the video below!


“New Ivory is a young band,” Aoki told MTV News. “Actually, their first album is not coming out until next year, 2012. ‘Something You Should Know’ is their first single off the album. When I heard the band first it was about a year and half ago. I go their demo, ’The Night,’ which we put out six months ago as a soft launch for the band.”

“It’s that same instantaneous energy that made me want to sign them,” he continued, “that I got when I heard Block Party in ‘03, or The Kills in ’02, or when I heard the Klaxons for the first time. There’s something amazing about the songwriting and the vocals and all that. Like a juvenile oasis. The music is pure British rock.”

“The video, something you should know- Awesome! It’s raw. You get to see the band live,” Aoki said. “There’s no crazy trickery. You get to see them just playing the songs out in different areas of Portugal.

“So tell me what you guys think. I love this band. The newest addition to the Dim Mak family. Be on the lookout for more!”

So there you have it, guys. Let us – and Steve Aoki! – know what you think in the comments below!