This Week In Taylor Swift Being Taylor Swift: She Named Her Cat After A ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Character

Taylor Swift, Twitter

Last week in Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift, the country-pop megastar found Christmas trees at the country Music Association Awards and posted her thanks to the superstars who’ve joined her on tour by writing their names on her arm and taking a picture with her new kitty in the background.

That’s a very Taylor Swift thing to do. Kind of like being surprised all the time and being obsessed with cookbooks.

This week, she continued to reveal that she’s actually a 65-year-old woman how cute she is by explaining the origins of her adorable new kitten’s name, Meredith.

“Her name is Meredith – Meredith Grey because she’s a gray cat, and because I love ’Grey’s Anatomy’!” Swift told US Weekly. “She’s awesome. She’s like one of those cats that give cats a good name. She doesn’t hide under furniture and get weird around people. She’s really friendly and fun and she’s perfect for the road because she doesn’t ever get freaked out. So I’m really glad that she has a cool personality.”

Oh Taylor. (Confession: We love Taylor Swift – in our current Justin Bieber baby drama world, Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift is like a breath of fresh air.) For more of Taylor being Taylor – Christmas is coming! – read on.

Christmas is coming!


She won! That never happens!

Christmas trees!