Coldplay And Emma Stone Are No Match For Adele's 'Someone Like You'

Adele's music is widely acclaimed for its emotional resonance and it seems that the diva's voice and powerful lyrics can reduce even the world's biggest band and one of Hollywood's top up-and-comers to tears.

That was the joke during a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. In the skit, Emma Stone and Co. played officemates who discover that whenever you need a good cry, Adele's "Someone Like You" is the perfect track to turn to.

So secretly universal is breaking down to Adele's hit that Kristen Wiig's character declares, "Everyone with a heart and an iTunes account does it."

Later, in a bit of behind-the-scenes fun, we see this week's musical guest Coldplay losing it while watching the sketch on a monitor.

This was Stone's second time hosting the show and she proved once again that her natural comic timing and graceful presence make one of the best "SNL" hosts in recent memory (actually, between Stone, Melissa McCarthy and Charlie Day, "SNL" is having a pretty strong season so far).

Check out the full episode after the jump. (The Adele sketch begins at about 52:10.)