Rihanna's Fixer-Upper Can Be Yours For A Cool $4.5 Million

By fixer upper, we mean mess.

The house isn't in the best shape and Rihanna is looking to take a (gulp!) $2.4 million loss on her one-time crib. (She bought the 8,520-square foot Beverly Hills residence for $6.9 million.)

The listing, as reported by The Real Estalker, notes that that property has "EXTENSIVE water intrusion from (but not limited to) roof, windows, doors and balconies," is "subject to a short-sale" and "WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR BANK FINANCING" (caps courtesy of the actual listing). Wonder why Rihanna is looking to unload the joint?

With the No. 1 single in the country and a hot, hot, HOT new album about to drop, we can see why RiRi would rather just ditch the house despite the ritzy zip code and look for a new West coast jam. The bathroom is super cool-looking at least.

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