Mariah Carey Cooked Soul Food For Nick Cannon, Meatballs For L.A. Reid

Mariah Carey

Donning a body-hugging vintage Halston red gown, on Wednesday Mariah Carey attended a press conference to announce her role as Jenny Craig's newest spokesperson. During the intimate chat with Gayle King, the singer revealed some details about the foods she loved to cook during her pregnancy.

"I was cooking my whole pregnancy," she said about what she was up to before joining Jenny. "I cooked soul food for [husband] Nick [Cannon] my entire pregnancy. For L.A. Reid, I made him some meatballs. I did the Italian for L.A."

With that mystery solved, Mariah, who looked simply on fire in her gown, also dished a bit about her married life to Nick and in the process may have taken a jab at Kim Kardashian. "There's no teams; me and Nick are the same team always ... sometimes we make each other mad," she explained. "That's why we're not divorced after four months. I'm just saying this Hollywood thing ... did I say something that is wrong?" she coyly added.

Read on for Mariah's weight loss secret.

Well, even if she didn’t get the news that Kim K. had divorced after only a few months of marriage, she did share that she's lost 30 pounds since starting the program back in July. Her key to weight loss? "The point is in moderation," she said.

Well, Mariah, as long as your moderating your food intake and not your sassiness!