Madonna Is Pretty Pissed About The 'Give Me All Your Love' Leak

Oh no, you guys, the Queen is pissed!

Yesterday, a demo version of what was widely assumed to be the lead single from Madonna's forthcoming record leaked online and everyone lost their minds about it for a hot second. The song, "Give Me All Your Love" featuring Nicki Minaj, received a standing ovation from the Internet, even in its unfinished form. "Give Me" is like a hybrid of early-80s Madonna and early aughts Madonna – think "Jimmy Jimmy" from True Blue meets "Beautiful Stranger" – and yeah, it's pretty great.

Except Madonna is all, "Why'd you guys blow my spot?" Actually, what she said, according to her manager Guy Oseary, is much worse – in that sad way where you feel bad about something even though you had nothing to do with it. Earlier today, Oseary took to Twitter to lament the demo leak, saying, "Madonna told me this morning 'my true fans wouldn't do this.'"

He went on to admit that he, and presumably Madonna, were happy with the positive reaction to the song, but asked that whoever leaked "Give Me All your Love" stop. He even requested that Her Madgesty's fans "police any more leaks."