Rihanna Expands Social Media Following In Clever App-Related Plan For World Domination

RihannaBy Zachary SwickeyRihanna knows how to do a lot of things right and that includes building hype around her new album in the most technologically proficient way possible. RiRi’s UNLOCKED is a new interactive Facebook app that lets fans uncover details behind the singer’s much anticipated new album, Talk That Talk, which drops November 18.

Marketing agency AgencyNet partnered with Rihanna’s label, Island Def Jam, for the hot new app and the positive reception has been overwhelming to say the least. Mashable reports the app has led to an astounding 750,000 new Facebook followers for the singer, and an estimated 208 million Facebook impressions to boot. Not bad at all, especially considering she already had upwards of 45 million fans on the site. She’s experienced some more Twitter love as well – the app garnered her a million new followers, leading to 2.5 million tweets (a full 450 percent increase from before the app), and she now boasts 9.3 million dedicated followers.

UNLOCKED features 13 various items for users to uncover about Rihanna’s upcoming record (does this girl ever take a break?). Some of the content includes song lyrics, the album covers and various audio streams. Users must go on “missions” to help unlock the content, but previous enabled items can all be accessed.

The heavy adoption of Twitter by many musicians has dramatically changed the media landscape. Heck, even serious news such as the Osama Bin Laden assassination was live-Tweeted. Twitter has brought artists closer to their fans as they can now touch base with them whenever/wherever they want. We’ve all seen the desperate cries for a “Retweet” from fans, but plenty of artists oblige to maintain that close connection to their beloved fans.

It’s also helped several artists hook up in the studio with each other – Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne has been Twittering aplenty year-round in an attempt to create some spontaneous musical collaborations with the likes of Lykke Li and even Ke$ha. Billboard, the people behind all the fancy music charts, have been forced to create a social media chart that helps further understand an artist’s popularity in the vast commercial world. However, some artists such as Adele don’t seem to really need the help. The British songstress has an official Twitter but does not personally maintain it herself. Despite that fact, she’s still the number one recording artist in the United States this year, and is nearing two million followers on Twitter.

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