We're Still Howling From Kim Kardashian's Divorce Special

SNL Kim KardashianWe spent our weekend running errands and trying to decompress from the week that was all Kardashian Divorce, all the time. But it was hard to avoid as we walked by the newsstands in every supermarket to see the headlines screaming at us about the split that rocked the ... well ... rocked Kim's world.

Those writers at 'Saturday Night Live' knew just what ailed us and came up with the perfect medicine: a sneak peek at the new E! special 'Kim's Fairytale Divorce.'

If you haven't had the pleasure yet, ease into the Monday with a spot-on take on the wedding special that took away four hours from our lives that we are never getting back.

A special shout out to Kristin Wiig who nails Kris Jenner to perfection. And if the writers' take on Kris Humphries is indicative of the teasing in store, he may want to go into hiding.