'Harold And Kumar' Stars Explain Why NPH Is 'America's Sweetheart'

By Kara Warner

If you've seen the trailer for "A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas," you know that there is a lot going on there: Sex, drugs, rock and roll, babies high on cocaine and, most importantly, Neil Patrick Harris.

The always-charming NPH is billed in the trailer and in the film as "America's Sweetheart," so when MTV News sat down with Harris' co-stars and the man himself recently, we had to ask them why that title is a perfect fit.


"Uh, Why isn’t he? My goodness he can do everything," Kal Penn said. "He hosts 'Regis and Kelly' when Regis is out. He hosts the Tonys, and he does crack in 'A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.'

"In a way he represents..." Cho began.

"The everyman," Penn interjected.

"All, every octagonal side of America’s personality," Cho finished.

"Well said," Penn said.

"That didn’t make any sense at all," Cho reconsidered.

"Want some Vodka?" Penn offered, holding up a cup of some unidentified liquid.

"No thank you," Cho countered, taking a sip form his own cup. "Rum."

And what does Harris think of his "America's Sweetheart" title?

"I cherish it. It's embroidered on all of my pillows."

Cho also told us that NPH is always a key component of their adventures as Harold and Kumar.

"Neil Patrick Harris was a part of the first draft of the first movie and he was always in the movie. There was never any discussion about getting anyone else for the role, so he’d always been an integral part of this franchise," Cho said. "So when we talk about doing a Harold and Kumar movie, it’s already understood we’re talking about getting Neil Patrick Harris."

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