Girls Generation Talk About Their Unique Style

By Christina Garibaldi

The members of Girls Generation have it all. They can sing, they can dance and they can top the charts with just about any song they release … oh, and they’re models too! Six out of the nine girls have modeled for Christian Dior, they have a ton of endorsement deals and in 2009 they were the most sought after models in South Korea.

So there is pretty much no doubt that these girls have impeccable style. Their outfits are always coordinated, well-polished and highly stylized, which makes each girl stand out in her own way. When Girls Generation stopped by our MTV Newsroom, we just had to ask how they put together their wardrobe.


“This is actually our stage outfit for 'The Boys,'" Tiffany told us of the outfits they were wearing. “We usually have uniform outfits. For the past four years, we’ve always worn the same outfits, we sort of look like cheerleaders.”

Yet for “The Boys” stage performance, the girls decided to change it up a bit and give each a unique look.

“This song we put together nine different outfits that match each characteristic of each person. For example, Sooyoung has long legs so we had to show them off, flaunt it,” Tiffany said. “We all chose hair and makeup that suits us, what brings out the best in each girl. It’s great that we can all shine in our own way."

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