Justin Bieber Goes Steampunk For New Holiday Video

[caption id="attachment_54182" align="alignnone" width="575" caption="Justin Bieber, Twitter"]<i>Justin Bieber, Twitter</i>[/caption]

In between addressing salacious headlines about his personal life, Justin Bieber has work to do. And that includes updating fans on the progress of his many in-the-works music videos.

This week he shot clips with Mariah Carey for "All I Want For Christmas" as well as Boyz II Men for "Fa La La" and on November 23 his video for "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" will hit the streets. It'll play as a preamble to the animated holiday flick "Arthur Christmas: The Movie" (about the youngest son of Papa Christmas himself).

While we're not completely sure what the "Santa Claus" music video will end up looking like, it does seem to take place in a bit of a steampunk-inspired Santa's workshop, complete with old-timey clothes (with futuristic detailing, OBVS), elves and Bieber's new spiky hair. It also seems to include a lady mannequin-type figure also wearing garb associated with anything and everything steampunk.

We have no idea what any of this means, but we're a bit intrigued. It's not often we see Bieber embracing something best defined "as a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world."

Sure, why not?