Justin Bieber's (Alleged) Paternity Woes: Jimmy Fallon Makes Us Laugh

Jimmy Fallon

If all those paternity claim rumors are getting Justin Bieber down, he might want to check out this video of Jimmy Fallon. Donning his best Bieber garb, Fallon managing to make light of the whole situation on his late night show Wednesday night.

Set to the tune of Bieber's aptly titled hit, "Baby," Fallon has this message for anyone claiming the teen pop star gave them a baby: "You said we did it and I'm a dad / My lawyer's tripping 'cause this looks bad / You only said this to get my cash / Now Selena Gomez is going to kick my ass."

Oh, and the performance art piece even had props – in the form of condoms that Fallon/Bieber whipped out mid-song. And those claims that the experience was short-lived? Well, he's got this message: It wasn't 30 seconds, it was 45 seconds. Ok? Ok!

Check the clip out after the jump.

These days there's a lot of denying going on from Camp Bieber. On Wednesday, Bieber called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show and wanted to clear the air about a few things, namely that he and Selena Gomez did not adopt a puppy together.

"I don't even have a dog! I have a dog. His name is Sam, but he lives with my grandparents. I never got a new dog," he told the radio host. "I didn't adopt a dog, no. A friend of mine did. I don't take credit for the dog. I don't have anything to do with that dog. I think he's a cute dog, but he's not my dog. I love dogs. I condone people adopting from shelters."

What's that old saying again: No baby, no puppy, no service?