Poll: Why Did Kim And Kris Really Call It Quits?

Kim K and Kris H

It's been less than 72 hours since the most important event in recent human history – we're talking about the announcement of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce, of course – and people are upset.

You see, for reasons we just will never understand, people believe they've been duped and that the whole thing was a sham to make money and to bring in ratings for the Kardashian Korporation for Exploiting Kapitalism. (Like when Kardashian momager Kris Jenner was on "Today" this morning and said she doesn't know how much money Kim earned selling her wedding photos. Really, Kris? You're Kim's manager. We know you know and denying it makes the whole thing and every word you say suspect.) The Human Rights Campaign is pushing an open letter decrying unjust same-sex marriage laws, using Kim as an example that the whole "sanctity of marriage" argument against giving LGBT unions the same rights and protections afforded married couples is bogus. The New York Daily News is calling for a boycott of all things Kardashian, claiming the obvious media manipulation is gross and that we shouldn't give them exactly what they want. The list goes on.

We're sure, however, that there are people out there who do believe Kim – that she did totally dig Kris, but jumped in too quickly and before she knew it she was in over her head. And hey, having never met the girl, who are we to say that's not the case.

So what do you think, beloved MTV Newsroom Blog readers? Were Kim and Kris the real thing and it just didn't work, or is the dissolution of their marriage a byproduct of either Kris having been miscast by "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" producers or a sad attempt to garner more attention for a family that is, basically, composed entirely of professional personalities who are famous for being famous (and are currently on a book tour; oh, and don't forget to watch the new season of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," coming at you in like three weeks)?

Snark aside, we really are curious what you think about Kim and Kris' divorce. So vote in our poll below.

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